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Meowsies... welcome to my own page jst about me:-) No, Desi will not be mentioned on this page once *beside what I just said-MOL* Guess what? I have a wink-wink and his name is Milo!!! He made me a wink-wink page click here to view it!

Milo is such a sweet kitty! Look at the poem he wrote me:
Her eyes are sky blue like the waters in the ocean
Her fur is silky like the softest clouds
Her meow is like summer rain
Her personality is swetter than candy.
Her name is lovely like blossoming flowers on a Spring day
Skye will you be mine always and forever?
Never to part, never to say goodbye,
Please Skye, be mine, until the end of all time.

By Milo

Emeow me!

This page was made on March 27, 2001.

2001 Skye